From component to complete drive

From component to complete drive

From component to complete drive

Groschopp is currently expanding its service portfolio and supporting its customers, for example, in the event of capacity bottlenecks with assembly and manufacturing work ranging from individual components to complete drive systems. As part of the modernization of production and the introduction of new products, the machinery is also being continuously expanded and employees are regularly trained to meet new and individual customer requirements.

Groschopp has been developing complete drives as plug-and-play solutions since 1948. But for several years now, the company has also been dealing with the topic of part and component manufacturing. Especially in the market segments of machine tools, pumps and compressors, various customer projects have already been realized. "We have the possibility, for example, to manufacture rotors, coils or stators ourselves and adapt them to existing housings," says André Coolen-Pearse, Head of Marketing and Sales at Groschopp AG Drives & More. "But we also offer the necessary manufacturing expertise for shafts or aluminum parts to be machined."

For this purpose, Groschopp has lathes, balancing machines, winding systems, grinding machines and CNC machining centers. In addition, the company's own tool shop enables the manufacturer to flexibly implement special customer requirements. The expanded range of services enables the company to provide ideal support to its customers in the event of capacity bottlenecks.

The new services include:

  • CNC machining,
  • shaft production,
  • general metalworking
  • and the assembly of subassemblies or complete units.

What distinguishes Groschopp from the competition

Groschopp therefore does not limit itself to the manufacture and delivery of complete drive systems, but also offers customized solutions with parts and components from its own production. The company is also characterized by long-term employee loyalty as well as low fluctuation and thus has a high level of experience in the development, production, machining and assembly of parts, components or drive systems. "Due to the high and also individual demands of our customers, e.g. with regard to special test procedures or deviating manufacturing methods, training or familiarization of employees is regularly necessary," explains Coolen-Pearse. "For some orders, we have even hired special specialists to meet such particularly demanding requirements."