Linear technology selector to revolutionize engineering

Linear technology selector to revolutionize engineering

Paradigm shift in online sales: Bosch Rexroth sets a benchmark for the digital design of industrial goods with a holistic and customer-centric approach. The fully integrated, purely browser-based tools intuitively guide specialists from mechanical and plant engineering from idea to order in just a few minutes on a dynamic website. The first step is a selector for electromechanical cylinders, which Bosch Rexroth will be presenting at the automatica 2022, among other events.

Because selection, dimensioning, configuration, catalog, CAD and eShop merge, the number of interactions is reduced to a minimum. Significant time savings are achieved above all by the graphical user interface with real-time results and live 3D model as well as suitable product suggestions with concrete prices and delivery times.

In view of the increasing time and cost pressure, design and engineering departments have to project, detail and optimize their machine and plant parts ever faster. In addition, the "smartphone generation" expects device-independent engineering tools whose convenience is based on modern B2C (business-to-consumer) portals.

The online selector for electromechanical cylinders, which was developed from scratch, meets these complex market requirements. The basis: a so-called single page architecture. This means that the entire process from selection to ordering, as well as the design and functionality aspects, are mapped in a single HTML document and the required content is dynamically reloaded.

The web-based selector reduces the time span from the idea to the order of an individual electromechanical cylinder to a few minutes. Bosch Rexroth takes into account the entire process chain for this purpose: from rough to fine design to project planning with price and delivery information to direct ordering with prior download of CAD data and data sheets. Previously time-consuming sub-processes such as preliminary discussions, coordination and quotation preparation or recalculations and recalculations with other parameters are eliminated or significantly shortened.
With a view to maximizing efficiency, the new selector covers a wide range of variants of around 3,000 electromechanical cylinders.

The stored and intelligently linked information on the individual components reduces the number of interactions to a minimum. Even the rough definition of the product suitable for the selected application starts with preset values regarding installation position, mounting and load as well as stroke length, cycle time and drive. With each selection or parameter entry, the basic information displayed in graphical tabs is automatically adjusted. There is a detailed view for the detailed design.

The current project status is visualized by a real-time result together with a live 3D model based on the real CAD data. After a few initial entries, the selector suggests suitable products, which are also continuously updated in the process. When clicking on a product, the selector immediately shows the technical specification and a configuration overview.
For flexible, collaborative work, the current project can be saved and shared via a link. The tool is also optimized for tablets.

New approach to selection and calculation through to ordering

The selector for electromechanical cylinders is continuously being expanded with new languages and functions, such as filters, user groups, and visualizations. Bosch Rexroth will continue to expand its range of fully integrated online selectors in the future. This applies to linear technology as well as to the other business units.