Remote service

New hardware for maximum security

New hardware for maximum security

With the powerful combination of VPN portal – the Delta Logic Connectivity Service – and a new series of the proven VPN router MRX, Delta Logic has updated its offering for secure remote maintenance. The new router model MRX2 is very compact and offers users many other advantages when it comes to secure remote maintenance of their systems.

Many systems and installations today offer the possibility of carrying out even more complex service work and configurations conveniently via an Internet connection - and with the same quality as if you were there yourself. The security of the data connection is fundamental: the Virtual Private Network (VPN) has established itself as the standard here.

In order to take advantage of the advantages of remote maintenance, users first need a powerful VPN-capable router, as well as the corresponding VPN service that takes over communication with the device or system to be maintained. As an expert in industrial communication, Delta Logic offers a combination of VPN router and VPN service that works with the usual high performance while ensuring the highest security standards for the data connection.

VPN – if you’re a stranger, you stay outside

With the Delta Logic Connectivity Service, users can build and manage their own virtual private network. Clients can only establish an encrypted connection to the VPN once they have carried out certificate-based authentication (X.509). For additional security, these certificates can be renewed automatically and at regular intervals, and additional access controls can also be set up.

The Delta Logic Connectivity Service also offers many other individual configuration options: All subscriber devices can be assigned to different groups and their respective communication paths can be clearly defined. The integrated firewall allows data traffic to be limited in even more detail using IP addresses and protocols. All of these steps are easy to understand and can be carried out quickly thanks to the high level of user-friendliness typical of Delta Logic's Schwabenware. By the way: Delta Logic can also take care of the pre-configuration of the VPN router you have ordered for the connectivity service - so you can start immediately after connection.

MRX2 – proven series, new compact model

In order to be able to fully use the VPN portal of the connectivity service, Delta Logic offers perfectly tailored industrial routers. The proven MRX series has now been expanded to include a particularly compact model: the MRX2. With design 2, it complements the previous MRX3 and MRX5 models and offers the usual functionality of the MRX series, but takes up less space when installed in the control cabinet (three modules on the DIN rail).

The router's modularity is limited to two cards - this is sufficient for many applications. If greater flexibility is still required, the wider routers MRX3 with an additional slot and the MRX5 with three slots for plug-in modules are available. The MRX2 is available with LAN, LTE and DSL connection types and offers five Ethernet ports and two digital inputs.

With Delta Logic's optimally coordinated combination of VPN portal and VPN router, users receive a high-performance package for efficient and, above all, secure remote maintenance of their facilities and systems. Delta Logic offers a free trial version for the Connectivity Service with four licenses and a term of four weeks.