Access control

Operate closures wirelessly from smartphones

Operate closures wirelessly from smartphones

Operate closures wirelessly from smartphones

Southco has launched a new wireless access system, the Keypanion app. It is a revolutionary smart access app that allows users to operate locks wirelessly from their smartphones.

The app replaces physical keys, which can easily be lost or stolen, with a convenient and intuitive system that is easy to install and manage. While other remote or electronic access systems often require a complete security system, this system removes that hurdle with a straightforward setup process that consists only of creating an account and connecting a Southco Bluetooth® controller to one of many compatible locks. Access to these locks can also be shared with other accounts, so users can always be sure that only authorised people can unlock their device.

The Keypanion app provides an easy way for anyone to step into the next generation of electronic access. It was born out of a desire to reduce reliance on physical keys. It can be difficult to keep track of physical keys, and they can be lost or stolen or damaged. The app removes this uncertainty and hassle by providing a system that is easy to set up and use, regardless of the user's technical knowledge of the users. They can easily set up their smart access system by downloading the Keypanion app, creating an account and registering a compatible lock from Southco. Once registered, they have peace of mind that their devices are secure and no one can access them without their permission.

When users need to share access to their locks, it's even easier than handing someone a physical key. They can share access with other accounts from anywhere in the world with a simple touch of a button in the app. You can also set the access authorisation to expire after a certain period of time to ensure that other people only have access when they really need it. This sharing method is more secure than borrowing physical keys, which can be lost, stolen or damaged.

With the Keypanion app, you can see who has access to your devices at any time and instantly grant or revoke access to a user. Convenience is at the forefront of the Keypanion app and the sharing function ensures that the right people always have access to a device at the right time.

However, convenience is not the only focus of the Keypanion app. Security is a top priority for all users, and the app increases security beyond simply replacing physical keys. As long as a device with the Keypanion app is near your lock, you can see whether it is open or closed. This status is also timestamped so there is no confusion about when it was last updated. Users can also view the history of a device for
up to fourteen days to check which accounts accessed the device and when.

These features make Southco's wireless access system a convenient first step for anyone looking to move to electronic access management. The combination of the Keypanion app, Southco Bluetooth controller and compatible lock does not require a dedicated IT team for setup, and with a smartphone nearby, the system is always easy to use. The Keypanion app replaces physical keys, so there is no risk of a key being lost or stolen. It also offers additional security benefits such as timed access release and status monitoring. The world of smart access is just beginning, and the Keypanion app is leading the way.