Digital nameplate

Optimizes drive performance

Significantly faster motor commissioning, more efficient machines and a high degree of flexibility in component selection: the open electronic nameplate will bring many advantages to machine builders and users.

The new Electronic Nameplate will significantly speed up the commissioning of encoderless drives. Thanks to SCS open link, frequency inverters will in future automatically recognize the connected motor and configure it with the optimum parameters – regardless of which manufacturer it comes from. At present, this is only possible if the inverter and drive come from the same company. Drives from other suppliers still have to be configured manually for the respective inverter. However, the new electronic nameplate also reduces the installation effort because Hengstler's SCS open link motor feedback interface enables motor data to be transmitted via the drive's connecting cable. Additional wiring is no longer necessary.

For machine builders and their customers, however, the new electronic nameplate is advantageous for two other reasons: First, they will be able to select their drives purely on the basis of performance in the future. They no longer have to limit themselves to motors that are compatible with their inverters, as was previously the case. Thanks to the new electronic nameplate, machines will therefore become more efficient. On the other hand, the universally readable nameplate makes it possible to monitor the condition of a drive train remotely. In this way, imminent performance losses of the drive can be detected at an early stage and prevented by taking countermeasures. Remote monitoring is not only of interest to users, but also to machine builders themselves. In the future, they will be able to offer condition monitoring as a service and thus expand their value chain. Hengstler's high-performance motor feedback interface SCS open link provides the optimum prerequisites for these functions.