Product finder portal expanded to include Kit Encoder

Product finder portal expanded to include Kit Encoder

Encoder manufacturer Posital has updated its online product finder to include its extensive range of ready-to-mount kit encoders. The expansion of the intuitive online tool makes finding the right-fit product solution for integrated motor feedback applications even easier and faster.

Kit encoders are specifically designed for installation in electric motors or other types of rotating machinery and provide precise position feedback for the control system. While they share the same performance characteristics as the absolute encoders in Posital's broad range of add-on encoders, Kit encoders are stripped-down versions without shafts, bearings or seals.

In the kits, the rotating element - a permanent magnet array - is attached directly to the motor shaft, while the electronics package with the measurement module is designed to fit on the motor housing. The result is a compact, low-cost assembly that measures the motor shaft's rotational position and provides precise position control for servo or stepper motors. Kit encoders from Posital , which rely extensively on robust magnetic sensing technology and operate in multiturn mode without the need for cumbersome backup batteries, are successfully used in a wide range of motor and robot installations.

The Posital portfolio includes over 200 encoder kit variants with a wide variety of mechanical configuration options and communication options. The majority have an outer diameter of 36 mm, while the compact versions with a diameter of only 22 mm are ideal for space-critical installations. The miniaturized 22 mm kits are predestined for integrated motor feedback in microdrives - including multiturn operation as a novelty. Both sizes are available with a range of mounting and shaft coupling options. In terms of communication, SSI and BiSS C interfaces are supported. Singleturn and multiturn variants are available, with the latter featuring Posital's Wiegand sensor self-powered rotation counter system. This battery-free system accurately records the number of complete revolutions even when power to the control system is unavailable.

Several models in Posital's kit range are designed to have the same mounting space as popular incremental encoders from other manufacturers. Since the kits provide absolute position measurements, this makes for a quick and easy performance upgrade in classic stepper motors, for example. The kit encoder portfolio is rounded off by a special series of hollow shaft encoders.

These ring- or disc-shaped kit models, which use robust capacitive measurement technology in combination with Posital's typical Wiegand-based battery-free counting electronics, are predestined for mounting in the joints of robots and cobots. The central opening, which can be either 30 or 50 mm, can be used for routing cables and media hoses inside the robot. The opening in the center can also be used to install the hollow shaft kits in large-diameter shafts.

The Kit Encoder Product Finder makes it easy for customers to conveniently and quickly explore the full range of this product line. Once the user has selected the features needed, the system identifies the exact models that are best suited for the intended application. The online tool also includes data sheets, manuals and technical drawings.