Diagnostic software

Recognize changes more quickly

Recognize changes more quickly

With the help of the new snapshot function, changes in processes and machines, especially in long-term monitoring, can be recognized more quickly; the additional HTTP(S) interface allows active communication with web services.

Faster detection of status changes directly in the data acquisition system: With the newly implemented snapshot function in ibaPDA, users of the scalable data acquisition software can more easily identify deviations or anomalies in processes and assign them even more precisely. The snapshot function allows signal data to be buffered over a certain period of time in order to then carry out calculations directly in ibaPDA using calculation or InSpectra Expert modules.

Unlike trigger-controlled recording, however, this only occurs if the previously defined measurement conditions are met for a specified duration of the recording: As soon as a condition in one of the validation sections is no longer met, depending on the configuration, either the buffered data from the relevant and the previous section or the entire snapshot is considered invalid.

If the criteria are consistently met, ibaPDA writes the results of the calculations carried out together with the buffered signal data into a DAT file. The calculations and data storage are carried out asynchronously so as not to affect the recording of other signal data. This function is particularly relevant for long-term monitoring, as the comparability of the data sets increases due to the same measurement conditions. In this way, changes in status can be found more reliably and examined more precisely.

HTTP(S) interface in ibaPDA v8.7

In addition, ibaPDA offers a new option for sending HTTP(S) requests with version 8.7: With the implemented interface, users can request values from web services via HTTP(S) and write them there. This can either be time-controlled or triggered. This type of query is controlled via a command line in the corresponding URL. Web services are a widely used and recognized Internet-based technology. The possible applications for connecting third-party systems are diverse and range from measuring devices to messenger services to databases. ibaPDA not only expands process connectivity, but also grows closer to IT systems.