Rotation locking

Rotation locking for tube connectors made of plastic

Rotation locking for tube connectors made of plastic

RK Rose+Krieger has expanded its range of accessories for single-piece RK Light Clamps plastic tube connectors in the 30 mm size. When used with system configurations, the new Anti-Twist rotation locking system guarantees time savings in assembly and makes for simple adjustment of the construction. The system is made of anodised aluminium tubing (30 mm diameter) with four profile slots offset at an angle of 90° plus black, reinforced polyamide plastic clips. It can be combined with any 30 mm single-piece RK Light Clamp with closed design. Additional benefit: It is much easier to align and install than conventional metal clamps.

For installation, the slot profile is pushed through the plastic connector, positioned by hand with two clips – one before and one after the tube connector – so as to prevent rotation, and secured in the clamping element by simply tightening the screw. The 90° arrangement of the four profile slots guarantees that the tubes are always precisely positioned at right angles to each other. This means that the new system enables a single person to set up complex constructions single-handedly.

The Anti-Twist System is particularly recommended for implementing extension arm constructions. In such applications, the light weight of plastic tube connectors is an advantage. However, in the past they have rarely been used because above a certain twisting moment, they slip on the aluminium tube. The new Anti-Twist System prevents such slippage, thereby stopping the construction from twisting, as it can absorb much higher moments than simple plastic connectors. This gives much greater scope for users to take advantage of the benefits of the lightweight single-piece RK Light Clamps. The system can be combined with any other 30mm component, making it ideal for use specifically in applications which require reliable prevention of rotation of the construction.

"The first customers who are already successfully using our Anti-Twist System soon discovered that the immense time saving in assembly, the weight optimisation compared to metal clamps, and the attractive appearance all make for a significant added value", explains Michael Neubaur, Connecting Technology Product Manager at RK Rose+Krieger.

The tubes of the Anti-Twist System are available either as a six-metre bar or cut to length. The clips are supplied in bags of ten.