Transparency in the boiler room

Transparency in the boiler room

Transparency in the boiler room

The energy crisis is affecting the housing industry more than almost any other sector. In addition, many building owners and system operators who use natural gas to generate heat are obliged via the EnSimiMaV to take measures to reduce energy consumption. With its mobile radio gateways, IoTmaxx offers an intelligent and easy-to-install hardware solution to transmit real-time data from the boiler room to the cloud. Via digital heating management, heating cost savings of up to 20 percent are possible within a few weeks.

As part of the German government's Ordinance to Secure the Energy Supply via Measures Effective in the Medium Term (EnSimiMaV), owners or managers of residential buildings with at least six residential units are obliged to check the operating status of their heating systems and optimise them if necessary.

From the boiler room to the cloud

With the maxx GW4101 mobile radio gateway, IoTmaxx offers the necessary hardware basis to monitor heating systems remotely around the clock - this way, unnecessarily high consumption can be detected and the heating load can be reduced accordingly. In combination with Immoconn, the gateways have already proven themselves in practical use. A monitoring and analysis tool can be used, for example, to adjust flow temperatures, weekend switching or night setback. Important operating data, such as legionella control, can also be viewed at any time. Status controls also enable warnings in the event of pressure failure or leakage. In this way, maintenance and servicing can be better planned, and heating failures can be detected at an early stage and quickly remedied.

Mobile radio gateways for a wide range of projects

The robust gateways from IoTmaxx collect system data via sensors, convert it and transmit it wirelessly via the LTE 4G network to the respective cloud. For example, temperatures, pressure, humidity, filling levels, vibrations, switching states and much more can be queried and also used, for example, for damage prevention in building management. "Our compact gateways with an open Linux platform with a mainline kernel can be used regardless of the manufacturer," says Christian Lelonek, Managing Director of IoTmaxx GmbH. "In addition, they offer an extraordinary variety of protocols and interfaces. For companies that would also like to realise monitoring solutions with our gateways and offer the suitable software, we are gladly available as a project partner!"

Interface diversity of the maxx GW4101

  • 4 x 4-20 mA
  • 1-wire
  • 4 x RTD (Pt100/PT1000)
  • 16 digital inputs
  • 6 digital outputs