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Update for Analyzer

Update for Analyzer

The new version of the AutoSPY Analyser is now available from Delta Logic. With the update to version 2023.2, new functions have been added to the programme. The available drivers support Siemens SIMATIC controllers, OPC and other peripheral devices such as IP cameras.

In PLC-controlled plants, AutoSPY Analyzer has already been established for many years as a variably applicable and powerful analysis software. With AutoSPY, process data can be recorded, visualised and evaluated. This provides users with comprehensive options for monitoring processes with cycle or sampling accuracy, for identifying irregularities as well as faults and their causes in order to be able to rectify them quickly.

AutoSPY Analyzer is easy and intuitive to use. Thanks to a variety of trigger options, the diagnostic tool can be configured by the user in such a way that the continuously recorded data remain clearly arranged. The data can be displayed either as a table or a graph. Various search and zoom functions are also available. Via Visual Basic Script, users even have the option of creating their own evaluation methods that meet their individual requirements. AutoSPY also supports the CSV format for exporting signal data.

New functions in version 2023.2

The main module AutoSPY Analyzer v4.9.0 can now read in or output relative measurement timestamps during CSV import and export. The temporal flag sorting takes the flag names into account as a secondary criterion. When labelling value axes, the property "Hexadecimal" can be selected for integer signals - the axes then show hexadecimal signal values.

Another new feature is that projects of the STEP7 TIA Portal V18 can be read in online and offline for all current AutoSPY drivers for SIMATIC S7 PLCs (cycle-accurate and sampling-accurate). The drivers SIMATIC S7-1200/1500 scan-accurate v4.2.0 support the latest firmware versions of the PLC families S7-1200 (FW 4.5 and 4.6) and S7-1500 (FW 2.9x and 3.0x). High data security is provided by support for TLS-based Secure PG/PC and HMI communication, the current Siemens standard. In addition, users can choose whether they want to have the signal property "hexadecimal" set as default for formatting when they take over operands from observation tables of the TIA Portal.

New video drivers also enable the integration of IP cameras for video capture, supporting common protocols such as ONVIF, RTSP, HTTP, HTTPS and many more. Those who have already licensed the video driver v4.2.0 from Delta Logic do not need to purchase a separate upgrade for the new video driver.

The Delta Logic website has been thoroughly revised on the occasion of the company's 30th anniversary and presents itself even more clearly and in a contemporary look.