Even better protected

Even better protected

Pushing or pulling movements as well as vertical applications that take place in dusty environments or even involve temporary submersion in water are not feasible with conventional electric actuators. At the same time, they must also meet high performance metrics to efficiently cover a wide range of applications. To meet this requirement profile, SMC has expanded its proven and established LEY series actuators with the LEY-X8 series, which now also has IP67 protection in addition to IP65. This means that they can be used reliably in particularly harsh environments. In addition to the sophisticated technology of the LEY series, they are also equipped with a battery-free absolute encoder, enabling fast (re)commissioning.

Electric actuators are used throughout the industry for transfer applications. In some cases, they operate in dusty environments or are exposed to moisture. This requires special protection of the technology to ensure process reliability. With the established LEY series of electric cylinders, SMC already has electric actuators in its portfolio that impress with high performance figures - and is now stepping up a gear when it comes to the broad range of applications. With the LEY-X8 series, for example, the specialist for pneumatic and electric automation is expanding process reliability thanks to IP65/67 protection, a metal plug and a battery-free absolute encoder. Designers are thus provided with a solution that enables safe and powerful operation even in harsh environments.

Safe processes across applications

With the addition of IP67 protection and a metal connector, the new LEY-X8 series also prevents the ingress of dust and water deposits - even when submerged in 1 m deep water for up to 30 minutes. The electric actuators are thus easily suitable for safe operation even in harsh environments. In addition, the added battery-free absolute encoder ensures that the position of the actuator is stored even if the power supply is lost. Operation can thus be resumed immediately from the last position without a reference run. This also reduces the maintenance and programming effort, which minimizes the error rate and increases productivity. In parallel, the elimination of a battery also improves the environmental balance and storage costs.  

Established product for high performance

SMC offers the LEY-X8 series as an extension of the LEY series, drawing on proven technology for electric drives. The ball screw drive, which can be operated with either stepper or servo motor (24 VDC each), provides high precision with a position repeatability of ±0.02 mm. Optional motor brakes and interlocks provide additional process reliability. Housing sizes of 25, 32 and 44 mm allow a range of strokes from 30 to 400 (for size 25) or 30 to 500 mm (for size 32/40). Payloads between 12 and 90 kg can be moved in horizontal operation, and between 7 and 52 kg in vertical operation. Depending on the payload, the horizontal or vertical direction of movement and the spindle pitch, the drive achieves a thrust speed between 5 and 300 mm/s with a maximum acceleration of 3000 mm/s2.

While an aluminum housing protects the motor, the cable entry as a metal connector prevents dust or moisture from entering between the cable and the motor cover. This is also ensured by the vent connection, which also reduces internal pressure fluctuations. Additional safety is provided by wipers for grease next to the holes for grease nipples. Signal transmitters can also be easily attached externally via a mounting groove. All in all, this provides designers with a safe, precise and high-performance solution for all industries with transfer applications that is also suitable for tight installation spaces in harsh environments - and makes it possible to control intermediate positions and sliding operation.