Expanded to include translational servo motors

Expanded to include translational servo motors

The ELM72xx EtherCAT Terminals offer high performance and functionality in the field of compact drive technology from Beckhoff. In addition to the ability to execute rotational movements in this small form factor in connection with the AM8100 servomotors, it is now also possible to perform translatory movements with the AA3100 electric cylinders and the AL8100 linear motors.

As full-fledged servo drives in a robust metal housing, and with up to 16 A output current (Ieff) at a power supply voltage of 48 V DC, the ELM72xx EtherCAT Terminals expand the Beckhoff portfolio of compact drive technology in terminal format. What’s more, they also include all the latest technological features along with increased performance and functionality when compared to the EL versions. The latter include the convenient connector front end, an integrated absolute value interface, One Cable Technology (OCT), and the STO/SS1 and TwinSAFE Logic safety functions.

The new AA3100 electric cylinder series designed for the ELM72xx for the extra-low voltage range from 24 to 48 V DC extends the range of applications of Beckhoff electric cylinders to include compact drive technology. This makes them ideal as direct drives for linear applications, particularly with high process forces. It also means that virtually the same forces as in the AA3000 series are now also available for 48 V applications, without compromising on functionality or robustness. The two available flange sizes offer a peak force of 2,650 to 12,000 N and a maximum speed of 0.12 to 0.56 m/s, depending on the lead.

The new AL8100 linear motors also enable the highly dynamic, modular linear technology from Beckhoff to be used in the field of compact drive technology. They are available with a width of 50 mm (AL812x) and are optimally matched to the ELM72xx. In addition to their wide availability and flexibility, the fact that the motors are developed and produced in Germany guarantees a consistently high level of manufacturing quality, which in turn ensures that durable and highly reliable applications can be executed with linear motor technology.

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