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Frontally screwed

Frontally screwed

Agro AG, part of the Kaiser Group, has developed a new, very robust M50 flange screw connection made of anodized aluminum for quick, easy front mounting of cable feedthroughs.

The metric feedthrough is attached to housing fronts in just a few simple steps with protection class IP68. Both standard sealing inserts and sealing elements with customer-specific hole patterns can be used. Thanks to its 42mm diameter, prefabricated cable connections can also be made easily using slotted sealing inserts from the wide-ranging Progress modular system. To mount the lower ring, the three mounting screws supplied are attached to the housing using a ratchet or cordless screwdriver. All-round rubber flat seals made of CR or NBR ensure a secure fit with a high level of tightness on rough and smooth surfaces.

Three compression screws included in the scope of delivery connect the upper part to the lower half in a form-fitting manner. The sealing unit is fixed in the feedthrough with a defined contact pressure and offers the cables a firm hold with secure strain relief. Twisting of the cables is impossible due to the axial mounting. The new flange screw connection meets the current REACH and RoHS standards and can be used in temperature ranges from -40°C to +100°C.

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