Roller screws

High speed limits, high acceleration

High speed limits, high acceleration

Roller screws impress in a wide range of industrial applications with their high axial load capacity. They are preferably used when pressing or punching tasks are pending or when hydraulic drives are to be replaced. They are also used in metal or plastic processing systems, in robots and in medical technology, for example in dosing systems.

The higher load ratings compared to ball screws result from the larger number of load-bearing contact surfaces. Roller screws require much less space for the same function, are more energy-efficient and, due to their high rigidity, enable more effective position and speed control. High acceleration and repeatability are also possible with short travel distances.

Available in two versions

Rodriguez has two different products in its range: roller screws with satellite rollers - or planetary roller screws - and those with roller return. The former consist of a ground spindle and a threaded nut equipped with rollers. The spindle and nut have a multi-start profile with a flank angle of 90°. The satellite rollers are guided by gear rings on both sides and are thus kept parallel to the axis at a distance. This version of the roller screw drive is available with and without preload and can be equipped with dirt wipers made of polyamide.

In the roller screw drive with roller return, rollers with grooves on the outer diameter are used instead of satellite rollers, which are arranged at the distance of the respective pitch. These screw drives offer small pitches with relatively high spindle diameters and thus achieve a high level of positioning and repeat accuracy as well as a high level of efficiency. Since the thread of the rollers has no pitch, the pitch of the spindle can be selected even more finely - up to 1 mm pitch with a 50 mm spindle diameter.

Roller screw drives from Rodriguez also impress with their quick availability. Rodriguez also offers the right linear guide variants and the right accessories for almost every movement task - also as a custom-made product from its own production on request.

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