Identify causes of failure with MiniCODERs

Identify causes of failure with MiniCODERs

Motor spindles in machine tools are exposed to high mechanical loads. If overloads remain undetected, failures can be the result. These can be prevented by predictive maintenance. Lenord + Bauer's i³SAAC-MiniCODERs help to evaluate spindle data that can be used to predict the probability of failure. They also make it possible to record and store a fingerprint of the entire sensor system. This enables the causes of failure to be identified.

Intelligent sensors can do more than just record rotational speeds: In the i³SAAC-MiniCODER, the operating hours are stored as a speed histogram configurable to the nominal speed of the motor spindle. The stored data opens up analysis possibilities in case of warranty and service. They provide information about the actual operating speeds and thus the bearing loads. The original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of the motor spindle can use this field data to evaluate possible causes of failure in more detail and optimize the spindles to suit the application. Users ultimately benefit from higher reliability, availability and lower service costs.

Spindle service is often handled by third-party providers. Thanks to the electronic type plate, the correct i³SAAC-MiniCODER can be automatically identified. The installation of the sensor and measuring gear is documented by the fine adjustment in the installed state and the fingerprint of the system. In addition, this data can be used to determine the optimum time for maintenance service. In this way, the replacement of spindle components can be planned into the ongoing production.

The bottom line is more production time, lower repair costs and long-term protection for the machine tool spindle. Thanks to intelligent sensors, the sensor manufacturer's expert knowledge for data analysis flows into comprehensive condition monitoring and provides lasting support for process optimization.