Rack and pinion gears

Always the right coating

Always the right coating

Rack and pinion gears from Leantechnik are inherently very robust. The automation specialist also refines the gearboxes with various coatings on request. The components can then even be installed in applications that are used in hygiene-critical or harsh environments.

The lifgo and lean SL rack and pinion gears from Leantechnik are unique on the market because they offer maximum positioning accuracy in the smallest of spaces. The functional principle of the gears is as simple as it is effective: They transfer linear horizontal movements into linear vertical movements and vice versa. The gearboxes have a very compact housing, so that they can easily be accommodated in applications with tight installation spaces. Another special feature of the rack and pinion drive is its modularity: In order to be able to carry out long strokes, any number of racks are simply placed next to each other.

Leantechnik not only manufactures its rack and pinion gears in different sizes and designs, but also refines them with different coatings on request. For example, gears for applications in the food industry are covered with a Duralloy coating. In addition to the thin chrome coating, the gear housing can also be electroplated or anodized. In addition, Leantechnik offers blueing in layer thicknesses between 0.5 µ and 2 µ. This process is mainly used for the new one-piece housings, which are made entirely of steel. The robust construction of these housings enables even greater positioning accuracy of the gears compared to the previous two-part housings, but slightly increases the susceptibility to corrosion. The blue finish makes the gears just as robust and durable as the previous steel/aluminium housings.

Leantechnik had bought the two-part housing in the past. In order to become less dependent on suppliers, the automation specialist now produces the housing itself as a one-piece design. Users benefit from shorter delivery times and even greater positioning accuracy.