Improving safety and reliability

Improving safety and reliability

Emerson has launched the new Asco Series 148/149 series of motorized actuator safety valves designed for recirculation and safety isolation applications for industrial heavy oil burners.

The new solution provides a reliable, versatile system for industrial users to avoid overpressure, leaks and system failures that can lead to health and safety issues. A single configuration is suitable for a wide range of combustion plant applications.

Valve and actuator are used together in a complete heavy oil recirculation system for safety isolation purposes. This combination provides a compact two- and three-way system with a motorized actuator that provides extremely fast, reliable shutoff of the fuel line - from open to closed position in less than a second.

The system's high flow, high pressure design optimizes thermal performance and meets UL (Underwriter Laboratories), FM (Factory Mutual), and CSA (Canadian Standards Association) approvals and certifications. This improves the performance of the heavy oil combustion system through higher pressure and temperature tolerances of the process fluid. Designed for robust and reliable operation in harsh environmental conditions, the system has a temperature range of -40°C to 66°C (-40°F to 150°F). The design of the valve for high pressures enables versatile use in various heavy oil burner applications.

“The ASCO Series 148/149 combined valve and actuator offers features such as redundancy, leak detection ports and overpressure protection that meet industry best practices,” said Ali Sarwar, global director of marketing for Emerson’s Discrete Automation business. “With safety as the top priority, our development strengthens the reliability of one of the most important parts of burners and combustion systems across the manufacturing industry.”