Integrated container technology for an open system

Integrated container technology for an open system

When selecting suitable hardware components for an automation system, modularity is a decisive factor. Meanwhile, this also increasingly applies to the associated software, combined with a high degree of flexibility. With a real-time capable Linux operating system and the integrated technology Docker, KEB Automation offers users new possibilities for machine and plant construction.

Docker is an open platform for the development, deployment and execution of applications. It enables software to be packaged in standardised units, also called containers. These containers allow the separation and management of resources used on a computer. They can be installed "over-the-air" in a lightweight manner and, standing on their own, already bring all the elements required to run software - such as runtimes, system libraries, tools or even entire Linux distributions.

Advantages of Docker

By using Docker, applications can be deployed and tested more quickly. The time between writing the code and running it in production can be significantly reduced. Since the contents of the containers can be designed modularly and accordingly flexibly, later adaptations can be implemented by simply replacing the active container. The container technology allows the integrity of the core operating system to be protected and yet application- and machine-specific extensions to be integrated into the control system.

Powerful industrial PC with open-source solution

Highly automated applications need a reliable brain. The fanless C6 E22 industrial PC in book format is specially designed for use in motion control applications. With a Linux operating system and the Control Runtime variants Basic/Pro/Advanced, it is best suited for motion applications with real-time requirements in the medium performance range. In addition, the system supports special application areas, such as the ISG-based CNC High-End Solution, with configurable function extensions.

The multi-core CPU is optimally configured to provide control tasks and other processes with the necessary resources. The Docker virtualisation technology significantly facilitates the integration of software, as it packages applications in a transportable form. These can thus be used quickly and easily on the control system. An integrated micro UPS in combination with independent mass storage for the Linux operating system, runtime environments, non-volatile data and user applications make the C6 E22 a robust and reliable system.

Advantages of using the C6 E22 Book Mount with Linux

  • Perfect for motion applications
  • Prepared for the latest version of the high-end CNC solution
  • Support for Docker container technology to prepare for future features
  • Expandable for special applications via Docker technology
  • Robust operating system for industrial applications