Connection technology

Ein Steckanschluss, zwei Durchmesser

Ein Steckanschluss, zwei Durchmesser

The simple and proven plug-in connections of the Basicline program 15 have already proven themselves millions of times in industry and technology for the quick, tool-free assembly and disassembly of hoses for the supply of compressed air and when using vacuum. Eisele is now reducing the variety of parts in the warehouse with the new 2-in-1 connector for two hose sizes in one - ideal for international use.

The classics among the Eisele compressed air connections are made of nickel-plated brass and work leak-free and fail-safe even under difficult environmental conditions. The plug-in connections for compressed air with the easy-to-use release ring are suitable for pressures from -0.95 to 15 bar and ambient temperatures from -20 to +80 °C. Thanks to a design change, the new 2-in-1 connector can now be used to mount two different hose diameters with the same plug-in connection: whether it is a metric hose with AD6 or an inch hose with AD6.3 (1/4'') is no longer important, the installed connection is the same. For example, the same connection can be used for applications in Europe and in the USA.

Variety of options so that everything fits together

Program 15 push-in fittings are very economical and compatible with all common connection systems. They offer full hose passage without diameter constrictions. Due to the defined penetration depth, damage to the hose when assembling the 2-in-1 connectors is impossible. Thanks to the optimized collet, the hose can be easily removed from the connection without any tools. The light and compact plug-in connections of program 15 are available in many designs, for example straight, angled or as a T-connection, and are supplemented by an extensive range of accessories. They are available with all common thread sizes (M5, M7, G1/2, G3/4) as well as internal and external hexagon for application-specific assembly.

Benefits of 2-in-1 connector

The combination results in greater process reliability, since the connections cannot be mixed up in country versions with other units of measurement. This optimizes the assembly process while reducing the variety of parts and storage costs. In addition, there is a higher diameter tolerance when compensating for oval deformed hoses. The customer has less administrative effort due to fewer storage locations and fewer article numbers and CAD data. The plug connection version with a hexagon socket can be installed using a cordless screwdriver, thereby speeding up installation.