Safety switches

For the safety of machines and plants

For the safety of machines and plants

For the safety of machines and plants

For the safety of machines and plants

According to the Machinery Directive, machines and plants must be equipped with a device to stop them in case of emergency. Norelem offers a wide variety of emergency stop buttons that ensure safe shutdown in different plant environments. Equally important for the safe operation of a plant are mechanical position switches. Norelem has now added these to its product range.

Emergency stop buttons from Norelem are used for the manual shutdown of machines and systems in the event of danger. They are designed to be escape-proof and are easily recognizable by means of a standard-compliant mushroom button in the signal color red on a yellow background. To prevent accidental actuation, the button must overcome a certain pressure point. The emergency stop pushbuttons are unlocked by a clockwise or counterclockwise rotation. All pushbuttons are available with anti-lock collars.

The components comply with DIN EN ISO 13850 and offer a long service life of at least 50,000 switching cycles. Depending on the version, they offer sealing up to IP67. For increased safety, the emergency stop buttons are equipped with two break contacts. Norelem also offers self-monitored variants with an additional normally open contact.

The emergency stop buttons are available for installation openings with diameters of 16.2 mm and 22.3 mm as well as in the housing as a surface-mounted version. The Minibox is especially suitable for aluminum profiles - a narrow, ready-to-connect, completely equipped housing including emergency stop button.

New from Norelem: mechanical position switches

Mechanical position switches can be found in almost all areas of mechanical and plant engineering as well as in conveyor technology. Typical applications include end position controls of components, position detection on doors and rolling gates, and object detection in conveyor technology. Position switches consist of two units: a base unit and an actuator.

The basic unit is equipped with a hinged and captive housing cover. The cover can be opened with a screwdriver and closed again without tools. An opening of size M20x1.5 is provided for the cable entry. The cables are connected via screw terminals. The basic unit is equipped with a pressure bolt as actuator. Depending on the start-up situation, this can also be replaced as an option. The actuators are available in four different designs.

The position switches from Norelem are available with protection classes up to IP67. Due to the positive opening, they guarantee reliable operation.