Many new products

Many new products

Norelem has significantly expanded the clamping technology area: More than 800 items have been added to the existing clamping technology range. There are innovations and expansions, for example, in zero-point clamping technology and in the categories of clamps and plates.

In the main group "norelem fixed", the categories "plates", "mounting elements", "clamping angles" and "clamping cubes" have been expanded in subgroup 01000. These products serve as the basis of a clamping device. Among other things, three new product families are available in the "Plates" category: base plates made of gray cast iron with grid holes in rectangular and round designs, and pallets made of gray cast iron with grid holes. With these solutions, which can be positioned and fastened directly on machine tables, users can build modular fixtures.

In subgroup 04000, norelem has added seven product families to the "Clamping Irons" category, among others. Clamping irons, also known as clamping claws, are among the mechanical clamping elements. At norelem, both prefabricated assemblies and individual parts are available, which can be used to assemble individual assemblies.

Different shapes and designs ensure that the clamps can be used for a variety of tasks and applications. Clamping claws are required in mechanical engineering, fixture construction as well as prototype construction. Among other things, they ensure a secure hold of the workpiece during milling and welding.

Last but not least, norelem has introduced the new subgroup 42000 "Zero point clamping technology". It comprises four categories: "Zero-point clamping systems," "5-axis modular clamping systems 80," "5-axis modular clamping systems 50," and "5-axis modular clamping systems 138." In this category, norelem has gathered a whole range of tools that save time and effort during clamping. Zero-point clamping systems enable fast, precise clamping and referencing of fixtures and workpieces on all metal-cutting machine tools and machining centers, as well as on die-sinking EDM and measuring machines. Whether pallet, fixture, vice or workpiece: With these systems, a changeover in seconds with a defined zero point and with a repeat accuracy of less than 0.005 mm is possible.