Optimised adaptation

Optimised adaptation

Emerson has introduced Asco's 062 Series tilt-actuated shut-off valve, designed specifically for the most demanding fluid control valve islands in clinical laboratories.

These include haematology and immunoassay analysers, sample preparation and pre-analysis instruments, and DNA sequencing instruments. The compact size of the 16-mm valve allows for easy integration into complex fluid handling valve islands, reducing space requirements, weight and power consumption. The valve also offers 2-way and 3-way functions to optimise flexibility and versatility.

Asco rocker-style shut-off valves provide control of neutral and highly aggressive fluids used in virtually all types of analytical equipment. The easy-to-purge toggle mechanism, combined with a separating diaphragm, prevents the transfer of heat to the expensive reagents used in in vitro diagnostics and eliminates the potential for valve seat sticking and clogging. The hermetic separation of the control mechanism prevents contamination from particles generated by friction of the moving parts, ensuring maximum purity of liquid samples.

Asco 062 series shut-off valves with toggle mechanism are designed for use with neutral or extremely aggressive fluids in clinical diagnostic and laboratory equipment. The isolating diaphragm prevents heat transfer and the special toggle mechanism has easy-to-flush, low-volume internal cavities. With a size of 16 mm and both 2-way and 3-way functions, the valve is compatible with the
interchangeable with most other 16 mm shut-off valves on the market. Typical applications include in vitro diagnostics, haematology, DNA sequencing and industrial fluid analysers.

The 062 series valves have a smaller internal volume, which reduces the risk of contamination, maintenance and potential reagent waste. The valve offers flanged-on and push-fit mounting styles for ease of installation, as well as a long service life of 10 million cycles, which increases equipment reliability.

"The new Asco 062 Series valves provide reliable and precise fluid control for a wide range of analytical instrumentation and medical applications," said Sven Richter, vice president of analytical and medical instrumentation for Emerson's Automation Solutions business. "We understand that our OEM customers are forced to bring products to market faster, while improving production and cost efficiencies that allow them to succeed in competitive markets. That's why we're offering this new 062 Series product to our customers."

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