Short-stroke keyswitch

Optimized for potting

Optimized for potting

Rafi has optimized the sealing system of its Racon 12 short-stroke keyswitch series for glob-top applications.

This enables their use on printed circuit boards that have to be encapsulated, painted or subjected to nanocoating to protect them against condensation, contamination and other media influences. In the Racon 12 S (sealed) version, the switches achieve IP54 and IPx7 protection thanks to an additional sealing lip on the inner sealing caps and a modified internal geometry of the housings.

Due to their high switching reliability, the sealed contact system and their concise tactile feedback, the short-travel styli of the Racon 12 and 8 series have established themselves as a quasi-standard in many industries. In addition to automotive applications, these include all applications in which membrane keyboards or keycap systems are used for operation. The series with compact dimensions of 12 x 12 mm and 8.4 x 8.4 mm are available in both SMT and THT versions and for various actuating forces.

All variants are designed for switching capacities of max. 1 W and operating temperatures from -40 °C to +90 °C. For subfoil applications, Rafi offers round or square plungers in twelve lengths from 1.4 mm to 7.6 mm. For reliable sealing of individual keys in open keypad fields, the manufacturer recommends its RK 90 II key cap system.