Perfect brakes for AGVs

Perfect brakes for AGVs

Perfect brakes for AGVs

Driverless transport vehicles (AGV) are conquering new areas thanks to innovative technologies and advancing automation. In order to guarantee safety here, electromagnetic brakes from Kendrion are often used, which for good reason have already proven themselves in numerous applications - after all, they always meet the individual requirements of the customers. To ensure this, Kendrion not only offers an extensive standard range, but also tailor-made solutions.

The branch has experienced an enormous boom in the past few years, which is mainly due to the increased demand for goods in industry and in the private sector. With driverless transport systems, tasks in warehouses or production environments can be efficiently planned and they are ideally suited for repetitive tasks and transports that occur in large numbers. Brakes are required for the safe stopping and stopping of the autonomous vehicles, which are built into the drive unit and thus ensure occupational safety during operation.

In the field of industrial trucks, Kendrion INTORQ is already the market leader for spring-applied brakes in Europe. “This applies to vehicle classes 2 and 3, i.e. actually all electrically powered floor vehicles except counterbalanced forklifts,” explains Key Account Manager Frederik Mönks. This experience, combined with modern, agile working methods and a broad, tailored product portfolio are used to meet all the requirements of this young industry. "With compact and, above all, flat brakes, we are currently increasingly conquering the area of ​​small AGVs."

Basically, Kendrion has a solution for all electrically powered vehicles on the market - whether for the transport of small loads, forklifts for high loads, huge transport systems that move containers or special applications. Because of the increasing diversification, driverless transport vehicles are also being designed for areas outside of logistics, in which one would not expect them: For example in the agricultural industry, where autonomous AGVs can take over the cultivation of fields. This is where traditional vehicles are electrified. In addition, completely new solutions are coming onto the market, such as an AGV that transports suitcases to airports.

Regardless of whether it is a niche application or a classic area of ​​application - Kendrion is always very close to the customer and his applications. "Our experience is based on years of partnership with major brands in the industrial truck industry," explains Frederik Mönks. “For several years now, we have also been working with start-ups that develop innovative AGVs. These customers place great trust in our know-how and often give us a lot of creative leeway. ”In addition to vehicle manufacturers, Kendrion also works with component suppliers, for example manufacturers of gearboxes or electric motors.

Special solutions or modifications do not always have to be made. Safety brakes from the standard portfolio can often be used for classic floor vehicles - for special solutions, Kendrion also offers particularly small or flat brakes for the drive train in all torque ranges. Another particularly flat brake will come onto the market in autumn. “The more compact the brake, the slimmer the vehicles can be. This is a pecuniary advantage, especially in warehouses where every square meter is required ”, concludes Kevin Zysk, Sales Manager in Aerzen. "Together with our customers, we develop our brakes so that they also meet new requirements."