Ball Screws

Precision from the Black Forest

Precision from the Black Forest

Kammerer Gewindetechnik GmbH presents ball screws for use in the food, pharmaceutical and packaging industries. The screw drives are manufactured in Hornberg in the Black Forest. They have a high degree of efficiency and are very precise, durable and long-lasting.

The efficiency of ball screws from Kammerer reaches peak values of up to 98 percent. This means that a lower drive power is sufficient to achieve precise positioning and greater travel speeds with low temperature input. Due to the high efficiency, the ball screws are not self-locking because there is low friction between the nut and the screw.

The ball screws are used, for example, for positioning tasks in food filling plants, packaging and thermoforming machines and in the beverage industry. In packaging machines with particularly demanding environmental conditions, they ensure precise linear movements in the infeed. The ball screws are also used in pharmaceutical applications and in clean rooms for high-precision positioning tasks or stroke movements.

In connection with food or pharmaceutical products, Kammerer uses ceramic rolling elements and corrosion-resistant materials for the spindle and nut that meet the highest quality standards. The stainless steel ball screws with ceramic balls developed by Kammerer are very robust and are characterised by durability and a high resistance to aggressive cleaning agents and other substances. The lubrications used ensure an optimum lubricating film and long service life. Application-specific wipers in single or double design ensure the necessary sealing of the spindle nut and prevent the entry of dirt or abrasion.

The materials used for the screw drives enable users to certify the machines according to FDA specifications.

In addition to many standard designs, the screw drives are predominantly designed and adapted to customer specifications. The ball screws have innovative deflection systems and are available with single or double nuts, cooled and driven nuts. Kammerer offers ball screws, trapezoidal screws and special screws in sizes from 4 mm to 160 mm in diameter with different pitches and up to 15 m in length. From batch size 1 to large-scale production, all quantities can be realised for every requirement and in all manufacturing technologies (whirled, ground or rolled) according to DIN or application-specific.