EtherCAT controller

Compact 4-axis controller for highly dynamic applications

The CM-CPB3-44 EtherCAT controller from Nanotec controls four brushless DC or stepper motors with a rated power of up to 150 watts per axis. Feedback on the motor position is provided by Hall sensors or incremental or SSI encoders.

Each axis is equipped with four digital inputs, two outputs, one analog input and one output for a safety brake. Field-oriented torque, speed and position control, combined with other features such as acceleration feedforward and jerk-limited ramps, ensures optimum dynamic performance and cycle time.

The compact 4-axis controller is offered in a version with 3 A peak current for small stepper motors and in a version with 9 A peak current for BLDC motors and larger stepper motors. Commissioning is quick and easy via USB service interface.