Frequency inverters

Cost optimized solutions

Cost optimized solutions

Cost optimized solutions

With the new FR-CS80 series of frequency inverters, Mitsubishi Electric is focusing on user-friendliness and efficiency. The inverters are around 20 percent cheaper and even 30 percent more space-saving than conventional models. Thanks to their quick and easy commissioning, they are ideal for beginners in particular.

The new inverters from Mitsubishi Electric are available as a single-phase 230 volt version and a three-phase 400 volt version. They cover motor capacities from 0.4 to 2.2 kW and 0.4 to 15 kW respectively.

The frequency inverters offer all the essential functions required for applications in these power classes. To optimize costs and space requirements, high-end functions have been omitted. This makes the inverters attractive even for beginners. In terms of quality, they are on a par with Mitsubishi Electric's premium models, and the inspection and test procedures are the same in both cases.

Frequency inverters easy to assemble and install

One of the special features is the low heat generation. This means that several inverters can be mounted next to each other without overheating. This saves additional space. After mounting comes commissioning. Thanks to the Quick Start Guide, this is quick and uncomplicated. Reprogramming is also simple and intuitive thanks to the FR Configurator2 software. No programming knowledge is required, so even beginners can operate the frequency inverters.

Advanced functions of the FR-CS80 inverters

Another important feature of the FR-CS80 series is Magnetic Flux Vector Control. It can be used to generate high torque even at low speeds. In addition, the inverters can run in regenerative mode, making them especially energy efficient.

The double PCB coating (in accordance with IEC 60721-3-3 3C2/3S2) also ensures maximum service life and makes the frequency inverters particularly robust. This makes them suitable for use in harsh environments, such as in chemical processing, the food and beverage industry or mining.

"Anyone who automates generally wants to make processes more efficient," summarizes Christian Senger, Senior Product Manager Inverters. "The way this is approached should be just as efficient in the process. With the FR-CS80 series, we offer our customers beginner-friendly frequency inverters that are optimally adapted to their needs and quickly pay for themselves."

The FR-CS80 is part of Mitsubishi Electric's efficiency lineup. These products offer cost-optimized product lines with less performance and functionalities while maintaining the usual high quality. This makes it easier to get started with automation. Other products in the line-up are the MR-JET servos and the CR series robots.