Frequency inverters

High-performance frequency converter for pumps

High-performance frequency converter for pumps

Based on its performance frequency inverter family, Kostal has developed the Inveor MP Pump, a device that is specially tailored to all requirements for use in pump applications. At IFAT in Munich from 30.05. to 03.06.22, the new device will be presented for the first time at the Kostal trade fair stand Hall B1 Stand 117.

A special feature that distinguishes the MP Pump from other devices in the Inveor family is the Smart Sensor. This acceleration sensor records vibrations in the application so that the recorded data can be used for predictive maintenance. This makes maintenance and servicing work more efficient and optimizes the reliability and availability of the system. In addition, the Inveor MP Pump has the option of connecting a PT1000 resistance temperature sensor. This allows application-specific temperatures to be monitored and, depending on this, pumps to be protected or the control to be optimally adapted to the measured temperatures.

Another highlight are the three bidirectional IOs (two digital, one analog) on the device, which the MP Pump has received in addition to the standard inputs and outputs. These can be assigned as inputs or outputs as required, thus guaranteeing the greatest possible flexibility for integration into the customer's application. A pump display specially adapted to pump applications enables the control to be adapted on the basis of pump-specific process variables. For example, pressure or flow rate can be set directly on the device.

The MP Pump is the ideal device for multi-pump operation. Thanks to its intelligent control, it scores points by controlling up to 6 pumps in a master-slave network as required. It ensures uniform wear of the pumps, taking into account the operating hours, and guarantees a constant supply pressure even with fluctuating delivery rates. The auxiliary master function ensures high availability even if the master fails. At the same time, the fail-safety and reliability of the entire drive system increases.

Of course, the Inveor MP Pump also features basic pump protection functions. Dry-running protection prevents a pump from continuing to run without pumped medium, thus protecting against overheating and wear. Blockage detection allows blocked drives to be detected. An immediate shutdown and error message protects the motor and frequency converter. As standard, the MP Pump is also equipped with a PID controller, which enables precise control to the desired process variable, thus contributing to energy savings, prevention of motor heating and ultimately to reduced wear.

As a performance device, the Inveor MP Pump controls all types of motors from classic asynchronous motors to permanent magnet synchronous motors to highly efficient synchronous reluctance motors with maximum efficiency and high dynamics. This gives the customer maximum freedom in his choice of motor and ensures that he is also securely positioned for future developments. The control technology of the Inveor MP Pump enables very high starting torques as well as overloads of up to 200% and an extended speed setting range of 1:200. For applications that do not require the highest overloads, the MP Pump offers low-duty variants in every frame size. These provide power in each size that would otherwise only be available in the next size up. Thus, the customer can fall back on the smaller size and save costs.