High-speed inverter

High-speed frequency inverter for a wide range of applications

High-speed converters for stationary applications represent a very special niche, which SIEB & MEYER covers with a wide product range. The standard range of the Lüneburg-based company includes a wide variety of models to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications. However, customer-specific designs are also possible.

"Our frequency converters are designed to drive motors with speeds of up to 480,000 1/min," says Torsten Blankenburg, Chief Technology Officer at SIEB & MEYER. "The focus here is on operating these special motors with low motor losses, as they are more thermally sensitive than standard motors." It is also necessary to ensure high system efficiency or process quality. "In many years of intensive development work, we have built up a portfolio with which the requirements of almost all applications in the high-speed range can be met," says Torsten Blankenburg.

Two-level PWM (pulse width modulation) inverters in a stand-alone design such as the SD2S or SD4S from SIEB & MEYER drive, for example, machine tools with one or two machining spindles used for grinding and milling. The latest state of the art are three-level PWM converters, which SIEB & MEYER has in its product range with the SD2M or SD4M. They can fully exploit their advantages, for example, in the field of turbo compressors and turbo compressors.

SIEB & MEYER will be pleased to advise its customers which inverter is the right one in each case. And if it has to be something very special, the Lüneburg-based company can also help: Because a special focus of the company is not least on customer-specific solutions. These often bring customers great advantages and can solve design problems. The customized frequency inverters are based on standard components that have already successfully established themselves on the market. Added to this is over 50 years of experience from a large number of customer-specific drive systems, which are produced in series quantities of approx. 50 to 10,000 units. SIEB & MEYER achieves a noteworthy share of its turnover in the field of drive technology with customer-specific projects.