Lean and economical solution

Lean and economical solution

Programmable, flexible safety is an integral part of intelligent machine design. With S-DIAS Safety from Sigmatek, the user has a lean and economical solution that meets the highest safety standards (SIL 3, PL e).

The SCP 211 safety CPU now provides even more performance, with four times the processing speed of its smaller sister SCP 111, more memory for application programs (1 MB Flash, 500 KB SRAM) and retentive memory for parameter lists and variables. The 25 mm wide DIN rail module provides 1.6 A total current to supply the S-DIAS safety modules, making it the right choice for a wide range of safety applications. New functions such as the creation of arrays, flag variables, constants in list form and reloadable parameter lists simplify the creation and handling of safety applications.

The project planning of the safety-relevant application is comfortable in the graphical editor of the LASAL SAFETYDesigner. More than 50 safety function blocks based on PLCopen are available in the library, such as Emergency Stop, Two Hand Control and Guard Locking. For the SCP 211, new safety function blocks for interpolation, conversion of data units and array processing have been added. The safety program is configured once with all possible optional modules and can subsequently be combined as required, i.e. there is one safety program for all expansion stages of a machine.

On the hardware side, the modular, TÜV-certified S-DIAS safety system always consists of a safety CPU, which monitors and controls the application, and safe I/O modules. Here there are safe digital inputs and outputs, analog inputs, relay outputs as well as SSI absolute encoder inputs, which can be flexibly combined. S-DIAS Safety is seamlessly integrated into the S-DIAS control system from Sigmatek, but can also be used stand-alone.