Frequency inverters

Lift technology - from apartment buildings to skyscrapers

Lift technology - from apartment buildings to skyscrapers

Gefran is expanding its product portfolio in the field of lift technology with a new series of frequency inverters. This covers a wide range of applications and includes both simple models for car drives in residential buildings and smart inverters with multiple functions and a high level of comfort for more complex tasks - e.g. in high-rise buildings with several lifts.

Gefran's new ADL500 range of lift inverters includes the ADL510 (4 to 22 kW) and ADL530, ADL550 and ADL550 ICS (4 to 75 kW) models. "Our new inverters have become much smarter, for example, in terms of commissioning, remote operation or predictive maintenance," reports Giuseppe Savoca, sales manager at SIEI AREG GmbH, a Gefran subsidiary based in Pleidelsheim. "In addition, thanks to innovative technologies, optimised cooling methods and new IGBTs, we can offer compact devices with high performance."

Differences within the ADL500 series

The ADL510, an inverter for low buildings and 400 VAC mains supply, can drive asynchronous motors with a simple incremental encoder. The ADL530 and ADL550 focus on more complex applications in medium and high buildings with extended drive functionality requirements. They are also suitable for synchronous motors and offer an integrated EMC filter, a universal encoder input and a CAN417 interface. Other features include a WI-FI PLUG-IN, a USB port for easy data transfer and various energy-saving options. The ADL550 also offers the safety functions STO SIL3, SBC and SBT. All models in the ADL500 series have an integrated Ethernet interface for easy network communication and can be equipped with a programmable keypad. The ADL 550 ICS also has an integrated control system on board.

The GF_LIFTOUCH web app enables location-independent and software-free commissioning and maintenance of the unit. Via the IP address of the inverter, the corresponding data records can be easily loaded and sent, for example, by mobile phone. With GF_DRIVELABS, Gefran also provides the user with comprehensive PC software.