Motor starters

Modular, small and safe

Modular, small and safe

Schneider Electric today introduced a new generation of motor starters in the TeSys Giga product range. Equipped with intelligent, digital innovations, the proven TeSys series has been completely redesigned. Aimed at providing an enhanced customer experience to panel builders, consulting engineers, system integrators, facility managers and machine manufacturers (OEMs), Schneider Electric focuses on proven reliability and high electrical durability.

With a total of 56 patents, the motor starters in the product range are precisely tailored to the requirements of the process industry, water and wastewater management, the metals and minerals sector and various manufacturing and processing industries. They reduce development effort and complexity, improve machine reliability and lower maintenance costs through minimised downtime.

The TeSys Giga series devices bring a variety of unique features and functions to the table:

  • Modular design: the functional device design enables easy replacement of spare parts and improves reliability and robustness by up to 90 per cent with up to 50 per cent shorter integration and commissioning time.
  • Compact design: Compact design with 40 per cent reduced size for optimal space requirements during control cabinet installation.
  • Self-diagnosis: Diagnosis of contact wear and detection of coil overvoltage and undervoltage allow predictive maintenance. A unique calculation method provides an accurate condition report that significantly reduces downtime and optimises system operation with indication of contact wear, coil under- and over-voltage, internal faults and contactor open and close status. This feature maximises reliability and availability for efficient operation at the point of use.
  • Full protection: the basic settings of TeSys Giga units guarantee safe protection of overload relays, including overload protection, earth fault protection and phase unbalance protection.
  • QR codes: By scanning QR codes, users can easily access technical documents and video instructions. They also offer protection against counterfeiting and improve user-friendliness.
  • Reliable performance and high robustness: Improved auxiliary contacts (17V,1mA,10-8) guarantee higher reliability in harsh environments and meet the requirements of high-density PLC input applications.

"We are proud to continue to deliver groundbreaking digital innovations that meet our customers' most critical needs," said Nadege Petit, EVP Power Products at Schneider Electric. "In today's fast-changing world, it is important to give industrial companies full control over the safety and reliability of business-critical operations. This gives users the ability to quickly identify and resolve faults. We also want to enable a streamlined and optimised manufacturing process with safe, reliable and interoperable solutions. We are pleased that machine manufacturers and panel builders can now maximise their efficiency through faster machine integration, and system integrators can receive a solution-oriented service."