More space in the control cabinet

More space in the control cabinet

Yaskawa's proven Slio I/O and control system is becoming even more compact.

In control cabinets or decentralised I/O distributors, installation space is often limited and the required channel density is high. Yaskawa is therefore now offering new modules (021-1BH00 and 022-1BH00) for the proven Slio I/O and control system, each with 16 digital inputs or outputs. The modules have the same dimensions as previous variants with 8 channels, thus saving 50 % space in the system and control cabinets or distribution units can be dimensioned significantly smaller. The innovative design with removable front connector also makes wiring particularly convenient, even in the event of subsequent changes.

Simple wiring, quick replacement

The 16-channel I/O modules have a modular design. They consist of removable connectors on a base module. For quick replacement, the locked connector can be easily pulled out of the base module via a swivel mechanism. The wiring on the plug remains intact. The connector is then simply plugged onto the replacement module. The base module can also be pulled out in the installed state and replaced if necessary. Thanks to the push-in technology of the plug terminals, wiring is possible with or without wire-end ferrules.

Adapts to the respective automation task

This means that the extremely compact and modular Slio IO system is now also suitable for applications where the control system should take up little space. Integration into a higher-level automation network is simple; appropriate fieldbus interfaces are available for Profinet, Profibus, Ethercat, Devicenet, CANopen, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP and Mechatrolink-III. The interface modules are equipped with a power module for voltage supply.

The powerful CPUs of the Slio system can be supplemented "slice by slice" with the required I/0 modules and can thus be perfectly adapted to the respective automation task. The backplane bus, which enables very short reaction times with a speed of 48 Mbit/s, can support up to 64 electronic modules. The controller can be universally combined and used with any of the established systems and systems from other manufacturers.