Micro controls

New modules for efficient automation

New modules for efficient automation

From software version 10.13, new function blocks for simple configuration of safe user programs are available in the PNOZmulti Configurator software tool for the configurable mini control system PNOZmulti 2. The package includes a new L-muting module for light grid applications, new logic function blocks for the area of safety gate solutions and for monitoring analogue functions, as well as modules for more comprehensive co- or decoding.

The new elements and extensions ensure that a wide range of requirements for monitoring safety functions can be implemented even more efficiently.

Trend-setting function block for logistics applications

Now it is also possible to implement light grid applications in which the material is to be transported in only one direction: From version 10.13 it is possible to create such so-called L-muting applications simply and safely via the PNOZmulti Configurator. This function is available in the muting function block of the current version and offers all the functions of L-muting, such as deactivation/activation of the light grid and control of the muting lamp. This means that light grid applications in the field of logistics - such as monitoring conveyor belts and palletisers, and controlling the discharge of packages - can now be implemented with PNOZmulti 2 in an even more application-specific way, making them more productive and economical.

Logical module for clamping

PNOZmulti 2 also offers an even more convenient safety gate solution in conjunction with the safe safety gate system PSENmlock from Pilz: A new logic module for configuring the signal sequence for guard locking of the safe safety gate system PSENmlock now makes implementing such solutions even easier. Users save costs and effort, as the complex and time-consuming parameterisation for controlling bistable (two-channel controlled) safety gate systems is no longer necessary.

Monitor analogue values more efficiently

For monitoring analogue functions, the "Mathematics" function has been extended to include multiplication and division of analogue values. This means that even more complex calculations for applications consisting of several analogue sensors can be handled clearly and simply.

The monitoring of processes, temperatures, pressures or other analogue values can now also be managed comprehensively and uniformly via the new functions of the module: via joint consideration up to plausibility and calculation, for example for the filling time for containers. Users benefit from more flexible calculations that can save time.

New logic function modules for co- and decoding

Two new logic function blocks, Digital Encoder and Digital Decoder, are also available for coding and decoding input signals and output signals respectively. This allows input signals to be coded or decoded to output signals, i.e. converted to a binary-coded value and vice versa. Connected devices with coded safe input or output signals can thus be monitored or controlled very quickly and easily, which saves time and effort.

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