pressure control

Slim controller - quickly available

Slim controller - quickly available

In all industries, pressure regulators in pneumatic applications ensure constant pressure even in the event of large fluctuations - regardless of whether the inlet pressure is below or above the required set pressure. To meet the demands for increasingly compact components, SMC offers the ARM5 series, a modular pressure regulator that has the smallest mounting distance in the industry at just 14 mm wide. In addition, users benefit from fast delivery within two days, alongside high performance ratios.

Whether in mechanical engineering, the electronics industry or the food industry: the demands on pneumatic components of machines and systems are increasing. In addition to reliable operation, process engineers must pay attention to space-saving machine design. Components include pressure regulators that ensure constant pressure and guarantee process reliability. SMC, the specialist in pneumatic and electrical automation, provides the industry's most compact modular pressure regulators with the ARM5 series, which can be used individually or via multiple connection plates, among other things, and can be mounted directly or via DIN rail. An important plus point is SMC's availability, as the ARM5 series is delivered ready for installation in just two days.

Compact with multiple mounting options

With a width of just 14 mm in the individual version, the modular pressure regulator of the ARM5 series is the thinnest of its kind and can even be optionally equipped with a pressure gauge of the same width. This allows process engineers to create a particularly space-saving machine design. Depending on requirements, the pressure regulators can be used individually or with up to 10 stations on a multiple connection plate, and in both cases can be supplied individually or together.

For the inlet and outlet of the compressed air, plug-in connections are available in straight or angled versions and in different sizes: for the individual unit or individual supply, one hose Æ for inlet and outlet of 4 or 6 mm or 5/32 or 1/4 inch; for common supply, one hose Æ of 6 or 8 mm or 1/4 or 5/16 inch (inlet) and 4 or 6 mm or 5/32 or 1/4 inch (outlet). Direct or DIN-rail mounting in both single and multiple versions gives users even more flexibility.

Performance is paramount

As standard, the ARM5 series modular pressure regulator has a pressure range of 0.05 to 0.7 MPa - optionally, it is also available in a low-pressure version in the range of 0.05 to 0.35 MPa. While the test pressure is 1.5 MPa, the maximum operating pressure is 1.0 MPa. The venting mechanism succeeds either with (standard) or without secondary venting (optional). The backflow function is standard when the regulator is mounted between the valve and cylinder at an outlet pressure (set pressure) of >1 bar.

With its own products, SMC not only places great emphasis on performance, but also on service and delivery reliability: customers can count on receiving their new modular pressure regulators of the ARM5 series ready for assembly just two days after ordering - and in the case of a multi-port manifold, either for self-assembly or fully assembled.