Frequency inverters

Small construction - great freedom of design

Small construction - great freedom of design

Small construction - great freedom of design

BMR elektrischer und elektronischer Gerätebau GmbH has brought a new frequency inverter to market maturity.

After developing products such as the SFU0156 with an output of 640VA, which is used worldwide in the CAD-CAM sector, the drive technology specialists from Schwabach now present the SFU 400, a smaller, highly efficient device. With almost 400VA in a very compact size, comparable to a cigarette box, it surprises with all the features that a "grown-up" frequency converter should offer. Driving AC and BLDC motors is a matter of course, as are speeds of up to 100,000 rpm. A maximum output power of 380VA can be generated from a supply voltage of 48V. Even in this format, a braking resistor of two watts is integrated, which enables safe and fast braking of the spindle.

The connection is made via screw terminals. One digital and one analogue input each for start-stop and speed setting, one for the temperature sensor and two parameterisable digital outputs are available. For communication, the big "little one" has an RS232 that can be contacted via a pin strip. With the optional connection dongle, a USB interface is realised and with the specially developed SFU terminal software, users can parameterise and configure the unit.

An absolute novelty on the market: mounting takes place directly where the power is needed and makes it possible to keep the length of the connection cables as short as possible. At the same time, interference caused by EMC can be drastically reduced because the mounting is realised as close to the spindle as possible. A plastic housing offers protection against dirt and helps to avoid defects caused by contact.

Whether for manufacturers of CAD machines, printed circuit boards or spindles down to the miniature range: there is a suitable place for this inverter in every housing and every application. As an add-on for customers, a sample kit with all accessories is available for testing purposes.