Planetary gears

Combines power density with Industry 4.0 connectivity

Combines power density with Industry 4.0 connectivity

The new XP+ High Torque planetary gearhead from Wittenstein alpha GmbH's alpha Premium line is the planetary gearhead with the highest torque density and torsional stiffness on the market, according to eigenaktuell. This is also said to be proven by the improvements: up to 144 per cent more torque density than the second-best planetary gearhead of its kind on the market, doubled torsional stiffness, tilting moment capacity improved by a factor of 2.5, as well as 15 per cent less overall length for a comparable size or 30 per cent less overall length and 50 per cent less weight for a comparable power.

The XP+ High Torque thus stands for consistent performance enhancement and space-saving downsizing. In addition, cynapse - an integrable sensor module with data evaluation logic and the IO-Link communication interface - enables the gearbox to be connected to digitalised drive axes and machines in a future-proof manner.

Machine tools, packaging systems, automated handling technology and special machine construction in particular benefit from the performance features of the new premium gearhead from Wittenstein. It is the first choice in applications

  • that require the highest positioning and repeat accuracy,
  • which are characterised by frequent changes of the directions of rotation,
  • in which the shortest possible cycle times are to be achieved, and
  • where maximum compactness and space-saving design of the gearbox are important.

New benchmark

As a high-performance extension of the XP+ family, the XP+ High Torque gearhead is designed for the highest precision, dynamics and power density in its class - and is considered a benchmark in the essential gearhead disciplines. It achieves significantly higher process, feed and leverage forces, opens up additional dynamic potential and impresses with even better control quality, precision and repeat accuracy in positioning. As a result, it provides both a significant increase in performance, which enables the development of machines with new performance dimensions, and - due to the considerable savings potential in installation space and weight - a consistent downsizing of drive solutions. The torsional backlash - as with all gearheads in Wittenstein alpha's premium segment - is consistently less than one angular minute over the entire service life.

Industry 4.0 connectivity can be integrated

The XP+ High Torque can be equipped with a smart cynapse module for integration into digitalised machine axes and networked production environments as well as the use of digital services for process monitoring, increasing machine availability or predictive fault detection. The new gearbox series will initially be launched as a coaxial planetary gearbox in four sizes, five available gear ratios and three output forms. Other variants are in preparation or can be customised on request. Wittenstein alpha's cymex 5 design software and the company's engineering expertise are available to help select the right gearbox version for the application.