Dynamics meets compact drives

LogiMAT - the international trade fair for intralogistics solutions and process management - will take place in Stuttgart from May 31 to June 2, 2022. At booth B77 in hall 7, ebm-papst will present its drive solutions for conveyor and warehouse technology.

Intralogistics is a rapidly growing market and full of new impulses. A constant process of change and the further development of technologies are essential for the logistics sector. Innovative solutions in intralogistics must meet the most diverse requirements of different industries.

More mobility with new drive solution

In many warehouses, distribution centers and production plants, driverless transport vehicles (AGVs) have become indispensable. With the ArgoDrive, ebm-papst offers manufacturers of FTFs a new drive solution for omnidirectional maneuverability. Compared to known solutions that allow vehicles to maneuver in an areal manner, the ArgoDrive does not require any compromises in terms of compactness. The ArgoDrive drive-steer system (FLS) combines the functions of propulsion, braking and steering in a single assembly.

The drive system is a unit consisting of motors, special gearbox, omnidirectional steering, sensor technology and industrial-grade, robustly designed connector plugs. Two integrated motors contribute to steering, acceleration, driving or braking as required through a superimposed gearbox. The infinite steering angle enables space-saving surface mobility at vehicle level. The drive solution can even be used for large loads and on inclines. With four ArgoDrive drive-steer systems, the movement of vehicles with a total weight of up to two tons is possible.

Modular system enables individual drive systems 

Long waiting times for the perfectly fitting drive system were not uncommon recently, because individual solutions often had to be developed first. With the modular drive system from ebm-papst, drive solutions can now be implemented quickly and individually. Standardized interfaces allow the individual drive modules to be assembled. Similar to a construction kit, it is possible to assemble the motor with the appropriate power, planetary, spur or angular gear, brake, encoder and electronics online in a very short time.