Easy access via app

Easy access via app

FPT Industrial has developed a new smartphone app called MyFPT. On the one hand, all data, operating instructions and service plans for FPT Industrial engines and the machines equipped with these engines are stored here, so that the user can access them at any time from his mobile phone. On the other hand, various operating data such as the speed, temperature, consumption, etc. are also displayed here in real time. Finally, if necessary, the user can request assistance from a specialist by tapping on a single field.

In fact, MyFPT offers different services depending on the connection status: Some services can only be used when there is an appropriate network connection. Others can be accessed at any time, even if no mobile network is available at the moment. The offline package includes all engine data, including all technically relevant parameters, detailed information on emissions and a complete digital version of all important technical documents such as the user and service manuals. A list of all available spare parts is also included, with the parts that need to be replaced frequently being particularly easy to find. In addition, in offline mode, the FPT Industrial customer centre can also be contacted to request support or information on a specific engine. Last but not least, the app makes it easy to find the nearest dealer.

In online mode, the user can monitor all operating data of the FPT units in real time. If a Bluetooth adapter is connected to the OBD interface in the vehicle, the customer can view and track various parameters such as engine speed, operating temperature, fluid levels and fuel consumption 'live'. If there are any deviations from the specified values, a corresponding error code is immediately sent to the customer centre so that any problems can be analysed and rectified as quickly as possible. Here, too, the customer always has an overview of the progress of the error diagnosis. As soon as all difficulties have been eliminated, he can put the engine back into operation or, if that should be necessary, request a service technician.

Since July 2020, the app has been available for download for iOS devices in the App Store and for smartphones with Android operating systems on Google Play. Now the app is also available in additional markets and with additional network functions. According to the company, MyFPT represents an enrichment of FPT Industrial's existing post-sales services. Whenever many engines have to be monitored at the same time, as is the case with haulage companies, for example, day-to-day business could be considerably simplified by using the new app, it says.

With the MyFPT app, the company is expanding its range of after-sales services, which were previously provided by the AMS (Aftermarket Solutions) team. FPT follows a customer-oriented approach and always aligns its products and its after-sales services with the requirements, needs and wishes of the user. Services designed to prevent technical difficulties and help customers solve any problems that may arise include: a toll-free hotline manned 24/7, remote electronic monitoring and control directly linked to the control room, and comprehensive product support which, together with the large dealer network, is guaranteed to have a solution to any problem quickly. Given the fact that FPT Industrial manufactures so many different motors and they are used in so many different areas, FPT's AMS team always develops tailor-made solutions. The offer also includes original spare parts, maintenance and inspection accessories, remanufactured components, warranty extensions and services for OEM products, if required.

MyFPT is free of charge, but users must register in order to take advantage of all the benefits of the app and constantly monitor all the FPT Industrial engines they use. The Bluetooth adapter required to access the network functions can be purchased through the FPT dealer network and is available in 25 countries: Albania, Andorra, Austria, Brazil, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and USA.