Cycloidal gearbox

Fit for electromobility

Fit for electromobility

Electromobility not only poses new challenges for carmakers, machine tool manufacturing is also facing a profound change. New components, materials and machining strategies are changing the requirements and demand efficient, future-oriented automation solutions. Cycloidal gears from Nabtesco are a key technology here.

The shift away from the combustion engine to the e-motor has an impact on almost all aspects and areas of car production. New components, a lower proportion of components to be machined, fewer machining and production steps, a higher degree of automation and an even stronger interlinking of processes are just some of the keywords for this transformation process. Of course, this does not remain without consequences for the machine tool industry. Modern lightweight construction is certainly one of the most important drivers. Aluminium is softer than steel and can therefore be machined more easily and at higher speeds. Machining machines for e-mobility therefore need fewer tools, but have to work faster.

Cycloidal drives: A real alternative to direct drives

Up to now, direct drives have dominated the machine tool industry. But these demand a high level of investment from the customer (among other things, high acquisition costs and increased assembly effort) and also have an increased demand for resources such as electrical energy. For machining steel, direct drives are still the ultimate, but with machine tools becoming smaller and lighter, manufacturers have long since stopped relying on the complex and expensive technology. A much more attractive choice - both technically and economically - are cycloidal drives from Nabtesco. Not only are they more cost-effective and easier to integrate, but they also score points with lower energy consumption as well as a smaller footprint.

Innovative, extremely powerful technology

Nabtesco gearboxes are very precise, robust and reliable - and that in a particularly compact design. They are characterised by extreme precision over their entire service life (hysteresis loss 0.5 to max. 1 arcmin), high torsional stiffness and high reduction ratios. In this way, they meet the highest accuracy requirements, ensure efficiency increases in production and at the same time improve the economic efficiency of the machine tools many times over. A high reduction ratio has the advantage that the mass inertia ratio from application to motor is very low. This improves the control quality from the motor and reduces the risk of vibrations in the drive train. Consequently, positioning can be done very dynamically and without reverberation. This reduces non-productive time and makes the machining process more economical.

Precision gearboxes for machine tools

Above all, the gearheads of the new Neco series provide enormous leaps in performance. Thanks to the radial clamping ring in low-inertia design, the inertia on the motor shaft is reduced by up to 39 percent, enabling extremely dynamic cycles. It also reduces the amount of work required to mount the motor, as there is no need to align the drive pinion. A flexible system with modular sleeves and flanges guarantees the uncomplicated adaptation of all common servo motors. In addition, the Neco gearboxes score points with comprehensive corrosion protection and a clean, closed design. If a hollow shaft is required to pass through drive shafts or data and supply cables, the servo gearboxes of the RD_-C series are ideally suited.

Well equipped for the future

Whether it is a battery module, an electric motor or a car body, Nabtesco's cycloidal gearboxes offer unbeatable advantages wherever the highest precision and absolute reliability are required in production. With their high precision and rigidity, they guarantee dynamic, precise positioning and handling movements and thus form the basis for future-oriented machine tools. Even against the background of the increasing interlocking of machine tools, robots and peripherals as well as the increasing flexibility of production, the precision drives of the world market leader for robot gearboxes are an ideal choice, because the better the individual players are coordinated with each other, the better their performance and capability.