Decentralized drives

For particularly robust machine protection doors

For particularly robust machine protection doors

For particularly robust machine protection doors

Stable and safety-relevant machine safety doors often have a high weight and thus place special demands on the drive unit. With the decentralised drive system KFM05a, Siei-Areg GmbH offers an ideal solution for this.

Machine safety doors are designed to protect people in the vicinity of machines from harm. The various applications in mechanical engineering require very different qualities of safety doors. In machining, for example, errors in operation or programming can cause workpiece parts to whiz through the work area like projectiles.

To protect man and machine, a specialist for high-quality protective systems from Bavaria has developed a rolling door made of particularly stable, bullet-proof aluminium slats. The problem: this roller shutter weighs up to 70 kilograms. When the door brakes, a high amount of kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy. This leads to an increase in the voltage in the DC link, which may then be too high for the frequency converter of the drive. The overvoltage would lead to an emergency stop of the motor.

Spring motor as counterweight

The protection system developer found a solution to his problem with the decentralised drive system KFM05a from Siei-Areg in combination with a spring motor as a counterweight to the drop force of the door apron. In the KFM05a, the asynchronous motor, frequency converter, mains filter, communication, analogue and digital interfaces as well as the encoder are combined into a compact drive and positioning unit.

The KFM05a can be easily integrated into various applications, the cabling effort is minimal and the compact housing is extremely space-saving. The compact drive is offered in four different sizes, with power ranges from 180 to 510 watts. In its most powerful version, the unit develops a nominal torque of 2.8 Nm and a nominal speed of 1750 rpm. Opposite the drive sits the spring motor. "The holding torque of the spring is so great that the door holds securely in any position - even if it is pulled manually," explains Peter Troll, sales expert at Siei-Areg.

Especially for personal protection

Siei-Areg also offers the KFM 24 Safety, a particularly space-saving and cost-optimised version, as an operator for horizontal machine safety gates that are specifically designed for personal protection. With a supply voltage of between 24 and 48 VDC, it can be used universally. The smart drive not only impresses with an efficiency of over 90 percent, i.e. only minimal heat generation during operation. It also meets the highest safety requirements and fulfils the STO (Safe Torque Off), SLS (Safely Limited Speed) and SLT (Safely Limited Torque) functions.