High-voltage extruder motors

Quickly adapted

Quickly adapted

A slip ring motor configured to fit exactly at short notice allowed a petrochemical company to get its extruder system back into operation as quickly as possible.

When a motor fails in the higher performance classes, new production is often out of the question because of the long deadlines and the threat of loss of production. The right configuration of a suitable standard motor offers an economical alternative. The operator of a petrochemical plant was urgently looking for a replacement for a failed extruder motor with 6000 kW rated power, 10 kV rated voltage and >57 kNm rated torque. Originally, the extruder was driven by a squirrel-cage machine. However, a suitable replacement was not available on the market. Fortunately, Menzel Elektromotoren was able to come up with a suitable three-phase slip ring motor. This design even offers advantages for the extruder application, as it provides the full torque from standstill.

Menzel was able to quickly procure a starter for the slip ring motor and implement all the necessary adaptations in their own factory. Thanks to a delivery time of only two weeks, the customer was able to put the system back into operation quickly. The modular MEBSSL series is explicitly designed so that the motors can be easily configured for specific applications. The bushing of the coupling hub provided by the customer from a diameter of 280 mm to 240 mm was particularly time-consuming. Menzel also manufactured foot plates for the motor to adjust the shaft height from 800 mm to 900 mm. The motor is designed with protection class IP55 and cooling type IC 611 with air-to-air heat exchanger.