Quickly and precisely placed

Quickly and precisely placed

Positioning systems and pick-and-place equipment must be able to move loads quickly and precisely. LeanPositioning and LeanP&P complete solutions from Leantechnik optimally meet these requirements. They are designed according to customer specifications and work highly efficiently.

In industry, pick-and-place tasks are usually performed by robots. However, they have one major disadvantage: their use requires high investments. leanP&P gantry systems perform the same tasks just as efficiently, but are less expensive. The systems are based on the proven lifgo rack and pinion gear units from Leantechnik, which were specially developed for the precise, synchronous positioning of heavy loads.

Lifgo rack and pinion gear units achieve lifting speeds of up to 3 m/s and lifting forces between 2,000 and 25,000 N. They are available in different versions covering a wide range of pick-and-place applications. For example, the lifgo linear gearheads enable lifting movements over long travel distances, while the lifgo double gearheads are ideal for gripping and centring movements.

Pick-and-place systems from Leantechnik are custom-made and are therefore optimally adapted to the respective application. The product range includes 2-axis positioning tables, 2-axis gantries, gantries for single-sided access and 4-axis pick-and-place systems with rotary head and suction cup.

The three-axis positioning system (DAP) and the AFP NC locators are also available for positioning holders, clamps or car bodies. These solutions were originally designed for the automotive industry. However, they are suitable for all production lines on which different product variants have to be manufactured highly efficiently.

LeanPositioning and LeanP&P systems are part of the LeanSystems product range, which includes a variety of part- and function-ready positioning and lifting systems. All systems are designed in close consultation with the customer and installed on site if desired.

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