Robotic houseless servo motors

Kollmorgen has announced the new TBM2G series of houseless servo motors. This offers features that enable optimal design of collaborative and medical robots, aerospace and defense robots, and other robots while providing optimal performance in a lighter, more compact package. The new motors complement Kollmorgen's TBM and KBM series of houseless motors.

The TBM2G series is the result of several years of research and development, testing and feedback from our customers, and offers high performance torque in an extremely compact electromagnetic design. These next generation motors enable the design of robots with lower joint weight, higher load capacity, improved energy efficiency, reduced thermal input and more dynamic movements.

Typically, caseless torque motors deliver their best performance at low speed and performance is compromised at higher speed. TBM2G motors eliminate this limitation with advanced windings and materials that consistently deliver reliable power, torque and efficiency over a wide speed range.

TBM2G motors also eliminate the size limitation engineers often face when using commercially available expansion shaft gears, also known as harmonic drive gears in the robotics market. The motors in the new TBM2G series are sized to fit perfectly with available hollow shaft gearboxes. This eliminates the need for extensive customization, which can increase development time and costs, and potentially lead to delivery and quality issues when the robots go into volume production.

The TBM2G series is available in seven sizes, each with three overall lengths. This results in a total of 21 standard motors that can be integrated directly into robot joints and similar embedded devices. Typical applications are collaborative robots in the range of three to 15 kilograms and above, powered by 48 VDC. These motors are designed to operate at high speeds without exceeding the 80°C limit, which is typically required to protect people working near cobots and prevent damage to lubricants and electronic components. In addition, the motors are available with temperature sensor options to meet the needs of drives and control systems in the cobot market.

With fast production times, reliable quality and local co-engineering support, Kollmorgen is well equipped to deliver the TBM2G motors worldwide in any quantity.

"We are excited to introduce a new line of servo motors that significantly increase cobot dynamics while significantly reducing motor weight and footprint," said Jeff Czarnecki, vice president of global marketing at Kollmorgen. "And we are particularly excited about the possibilities the TBM2G series opens up for robotics. TBM2G motors are the perfect solution for a new generation of high-performance cobots," Czarnecki said. "They are absolutely and fully suitable for robots."

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