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Strong, stronger, BG 95x120 dPro

Strong, stronger, BG 95x120 dPro

With the new BG 95x120 dPro, Dunkermotoren is expanding its product portfolio in the BG 95 series with a new length and breaking its own records. The BG 95x120 dPro is currently the most powerful motor with a peak power of 4.4 kW and a torque in the range of 14.5 Nm - and that with just 48 VDC battery voltage. Together with the space-saving slim design, it makes it the perfect drive for mobile applications. Areas of application can be AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) or AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots), for example. Transporting heavy loads is no longer a problem.

As a dPro version, connection is made very simple: whether with CANopen or the Ethernet interfaces Profinet, EtherCAT or Ethernet/IP. The BG 95x120 dPro can be integrated into the existing system and then programmed and controlled via Drive Assistant 5 and/or MotionCode.

For more safety, the certified STO function (Safe Torque Off) is available as standard on all BG 95x120 dPro. With STO, the motor can be switched off reliably and without torque. A sudden obstacle in the path of an AGV/ AMR no longer poses a danger. At the same time, the logic voltage is not interrupted. This saves time-consuming re-referencing after restarting.

The BG 95x120 dPro is the perfect companion for more flexibility in transport robotics.