Cycloidal gearbox

The key to more efficiency

The key to more efficiency

Cycloidal gears from Nabtesco combine excellent performance and cost-effectiveness with maximum user convenience, which makes them ideal for automation tasks in general mechanical engineering. The innovative plug-and-play solutions are a key factor for increasing performance, reducing costs, and simplifying work processes, which brings production efficiency to a new level.

Gearboxes define the production cycle. They transmit and convert torques, speeds and directions of rotation, as well as forces, and therefore substantially enhance the performance of machines and systems. The choice of gear technology used in automation is therefore decisive. Cycloidal gears make a big difference here. Due to their special design they are much more precise, dynamic and rigid than conventional planetary gears, worm gears or rotary indexers – and can improve efficiency substantially.

Cycloidal gears: Innovative, extremely high-performance technology

As the world’s biggest manufacturer of cycloidal gears, Nabtesco offers a broad portfolio of precision gears with hollow and solid shafts and provides flexible, high-performance, future viable drive solutions for general mechanical engineering and robotics. The high precision (hysteresis loss of 0.5 to max. 1 arcmin) and rigidity of these gears ensure exact motions for pin-point positioning of components, workpieces and tools – even at high acceleration moments and heavy loads or in hygiene-critical environments. Assembly and handling applications, loading and unloading systems, and also pick-and-place applications additionally benefit from the high resistance to shock loads (up to 500 % of the rated torque), compact design and long life of the gears. For the users, that means faster processes, higher productivity and lower costs.

Robot technology for general mechanical engineering

In the field of robotics cycloidal gears have been the norm for decades, and this innovative gear technology is now also gradually taking hold in machine and plant engineering. This technology requires especially user-friendly plug-and-play concepts that are easy to integrate and intuitive to use. Solutions such as the modular servo gearboxes of the Neco series, the dynamic hollow shaft gears of the RD-C series and the robust rotary indexers of the RS series allow Nabtesco to meet these requirements with no compromises. Even small and mid-sized enterprises – for example in the electric vehicle sector (battery production, body construction, and the manufacture of electric motors), medical engineering, packaging technology or logistics – are able to build their own robotic-related systems and to make progress with their automation, at low cost and without special expertise.