Bearing calculation with Kisssoft and SKF

Bearing calculation with Kisssoft and SKF

Kisssoft and SKF have once again joined forces: In Kisssoft Release 2021, the shaft module enables bearing calculations to be carried out via the SKF Cloud Service based on ISO/TS 16281. In this way, the user can take into account the detailed bearing internal geometry, which is otherwise not available. The results, including the stiffness matrix and service life values, can then be transferred to Kisssoft.

For the KISSsoft user, this means being at the cutting edge of bearing calculation and simulation technology at all times, thus increasing confidence in bearing performance predictions. In addition, with the refined data from the SKF Cloud, a more accurate calculation of shaft deflection can be carried out.

With the inclusion of bearing stiffness in the SKF Cloud service, not only is bearing performance realistically calculated, but also the impact that bearings have on system performance. The optimisation of the gearbox design is sustainably improved by the collaboration of the KISSsoft calculation programs and the SKF Cloud solution.

Here you will find a short instruction video explaining how to activate the SKF Cloud Service in Kisssoft.