Consistently reduce downtime

Consistently reduce downtime

Consistently reduce downtime

Consistently reduce downtime

The real-time app 5i.Maintenance creates transparency in asset management and communication in machine parks.

Machine maintenance in the automotive industry, the maintenance of tools in plastic injection molding, or the monitoring of complex plant technology in the process industry - in all cases, real-time response is extremely important, as downtime can cause considerable economic damage. However, these processes are often still complicated by handwritten, often illegible, notes and instructions. The specialists at 5thIndustry GmbH have addressed this problem and developed the 5i.Maintenance app for efficient maintenance processes. With the help of the mobile application, companies now have all areas of maintenance at a glance: Asset management, contacts with vendors and suppliers, assignment of tasks for technicians, order-related comments and scheduled maintenance.

"By using 5i.Maintenance, companies solve their visibility challenges by giving every employee who has access to the app the same information in real time. This can reduce downtime and increase productivity, enabling them to operate more efficiently," said 5thIndustry Co-Founder Dr. Robert Harms.

Always optimally prepared for the next store floor/production meeting

The 5i.Maintenance application is part of the 5i.Manufacturing Excellence Cloud - the intuitive digital working environment for production. The essential use case is the recording of all machines and subcomponents along with all properties, such as locations, cost centers and condition reports. In addition, damage and damage categorization, as well as history are available. "By recording, also the historical data in the machine file, the transfer of responsibilities, a quick training of new employees and know-how transfer is easier. This is often an important benefit, especially in times of a shortage of skilled workers," says Dr. Harms.

The planning, execution and documentation of maintenance orders can be clearly displayed in list view or in easily customizable Kanban boards. Tasks can be displayed transparently and processed by different employees. An intuitively usable chat function enables targeted communication on individual tasks. Comments can be added separately to each individual work step and the complete processing history can be viewed. Access to technical data, such as complete files, image and CAD data, maintenance instructions, setting/acceptance protocols, etc. is possible for the individual plants or plant sections. Scanning a QR code on the respective machine provides direct access to the machine file as well as to ticket creation. Maintenance plans with regular tasks can be mapped and transparently tracked via scheduled tickets.

Cloud technology - real-time transparency of machine statuses

The app can also be easily integrated into business intelligence tools. For example, Tableau, QLIK or PowerBI can be used to create quick evaluations of machine availability, as well as categorized causes of faults, departments, shifts, machines, etc. in real time. This makes it easy to create reports and history analyses and integrate them as part of the existing reporting landscape.

Effort tracking of all maintenance costs with intuitive user interface

"A real unique selling point of our app is the intuitive user interface, the quick training and operation on site in production. 5i.Maintenance offers reactive customization for an optimal user experience on computers, tablets and smartphones," explains Dr. Harms.

In addition, the intelligent app can be fully integrated into existing IT landscapes. This includes on-premise databases as well as MES and ERP systems. In addition, there are various options for easy customization by the 5i experts. External maintenance service providers can also be connected via powerful interfaces or web interfaces and integrated into the maintenance processes without any loss of efficiency.