Connection technology

Faster from the idea to the pattern

Faster from the idea to the pattern

The investment in an SLA printer will significantly shorten the time-to-market of individual connection technology in the future. The SLA printer Caligma 200 was purchased by the parent company of Eisele GmbH, the Henn Industrial Group. From now on, Eisele GmbH can produce hand samples, functional samples, first prototypes and also small series within a very short time. By purchasing and using the SLA printer in partnership, both companies are reacting to developments in the automotive, laser and welding industries, aerospace, food & beverage, etc., which want more flexibility, shorter time-to-market times and less cost-intensive manufacturing processes in component development and production.

As a specialist for connection components, Eisele develops not only conventional components but also customised special solutions for almost every application. In the meantime, more than 2000 of these have been added to the product range. Now machine and plant manufacturers at Eisele have the option of having the individually developed connections 3D printed from polymers in advance and matched to the application parameters.

In parts, the new printing process based on thermosets also enables the rapid production of functional samples. This is a clear plus for all those customers who want to integrate their individually adapted connection components designed by Eisele on a machine or component for the first time for test purposes. A strong argument: samples printed with the Caligma 200 show a demonstrably excellent surface quality, which leads to outstanding results when it comes to sealing. Effective prototyping also allows almost 100 % of all functionalities of the joining technologies to be precisely reproduced. This favours quick decision-making for the series production of products.

And it is not only the customers who benefit from the increased performance that is assured by means of the new 3D printer. Thanks to the Caligma 200 3D printer from Cubicure GmbH, Henn will gain in additive tooling in the future: As an established and leading manufacturer of innovative charge air and cooling water clutches for conventional and alternative drive types (PHEV, BEV, FCV), Henn is now shortening its manufacturing processes. Whereas the moulds for the aluminium and steel components previously had to be manufactured in a time-consuming and cost-intensive manner using injection moulding, the Caligma 200 will be used in large parts in future. The result is impressive: instead of eight to twelve weeks in conventional production, in future it will take about one week to print the component moulds, at significantly more attractive costs.

The new Caligma 200 production system from Cubicure is based on the patented Hot Lithography Technology. The process enables simple and professional processing of high-performance photopolymer-based plastics. Highly viscous resins and pastes can be processed safely and with the utmost precision at working temperatures of up to 120°C via a complex heating and coating mechanism.

The high level of additive manufacturing expertise at Henn and the new investment in the Caligma 200 now enable Eisele GmbH to further expand its strong position as a supplier of more than 8,000 standard articles and to implement the more than 2,000 customised special solutions for connection and termination technology even more efficiently.