Faster to the individual solution

Faster to the individual solution

Responding quickly to individual customer requirements - under this motto Kendrion has completely repositioned itself in the area of customised brake solutions in recent years: An agile approach in which sales, development and product management work closely together from the very beginning ensures flexibility and speed. Now the company is going one step further: with the newly created role of Application Manager, the team receives professional technical support in the acquisition and concept phase.

"The task of the Application Manager is to provide technical support to the sales staff in the context of customer acquisition and support," explains Martin von Wysocki, Application Manager at Kendrion. "We evaluate the customer application in terms of technical feasibility and advise the customer on possible brake integration, optimal control and other aspects." After documenting the customer requirements, the product selection and the development of conceptual solutions take place. In this process, the application manager acts as project manager and is responsible for quickly organising functional samples, recording manufacturing costs and investments, as well as efficiently and purposefully bringing about project approval.

"In short, we offer in-depth technical support for sales in the context of customer acquisition and support. This results in numerous advantages for the customer," says Martin von Wysocki. The Application Managers at Kendrion have many years of product experience and comprehensive know-how in the areas of development, industrialisation and electronics. This enables them to better understand the customers' requirements, to search for the optimal solution together with them and to implement it even faster and in a more targeted manner. Internally, the improved interface management also helps, leading to quick results in the acquisition and concept phase. Because the application manager works directly with the engineers from R&D and the experts from the other departments, innovative ideas and approaches are additionally promoted in the team and implemented for the benefit of the customer. In addition, the know-how and experience from more than 100 years of brake development are optimally passed on to the customer.

The success with various new projects proves Kendrion right. After an enquiry from a robotics manufacturer, a concept for an innovative variant of the Servo Slim Line series as well as the appropriate functional samples for validation were delivered quickly and easily during the acquisition phase. "The customer was convinced by the speed and, above all, the close communication at eye level, and so we were able to implement this interesting project together with them. This approach distinguishes us from the competition and offers the customer clear added value." Martin von Wysocki concludes.